Cultural bias

Someone once asked me about this Kente cloth I use in the church. They remarked that it wasn’t usual for Orthodox temples.  I said, “Oh, do you think I should use something more traditionally European, like a paisley print?” “Yes,” they replied,  “that would be more in line with the Tradition.”  Then I went on, “you do know that paisley was likely a  Zoroastrian-inspired design.  So you’d rather go with the Zoroastrians than to accept a pattern that may be somewhat unfamiliar to you.”

Sometimes when we reject something that is not from our familiar culture, the objection isn’t because it isn’t proper, but only that it’s foreign to us.

This cloth is probably over 100 years old, It’s handwoven, from Ghana in West Africa.  Sometimes it’s usedd as an analogion covering in my church.


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